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 3D models for Western Australia!


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  Alan's GMAX Model Library & Texture Kit (15MB)

173 models - Last updated 13th January 2013
KB Static Aircraft Freeware (4.6MB) (used to populate my airfields after 5th August 2012)

These are required for all my FSX Airfields so if you only have an early version, you will have models missing in your scenery!


Designer's Thumbnail Kit (10MB) - Last updated 21st August 2011

For use in Airport Design Editor 1.46.2 or SBuilderX v3.13

If you want a particular .mdl file or .gmax file for your own library, email me and I'll send it with the bmp textures

Copywrite - Not to be used in payware! Models may be used with permission in freeware




You won't find lots of fancy toolboxes and benches in the hangar, automatic doors, animated people milling around, buildings where there should be none (except historic sites) and specific photo real buildings but you can create a fairly accurate representation of what the airfield looks like from the air and a realistic frame rate that will make your flying a pleasure.  All of these models are made with GMAX using the FSX gamepack and the textures are all created by me with a moderate size to allow lots of models and still keep your frame rate realistic.


And here's the Chipmunk model I love so much (by Rick Piper) try it with a stall turn or an aileron roll!

33MB Download

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Declaration:  Alan Blencowe does not have any financial interests in any payware companies or sites and apart from FSX and FenceBuilderPro, all scenery projects are developed totally free of reliance on payware.  Models created by Alan Blencowe with freeware can be used in freeware projects with permission.